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Electric Vehicle Checklist

Interested in buying an EV, but not sure what to consider before making the decision? This guide will help you maximize your savings and enjoy all the benefits of clean car driving.

Do you have access to a plug outdoors? If you have an outdoor plug within 25 ft of your parking location, then that may be all you need to start. All EVs can be changed via a standard 120V wall outlet - a great option for overnight charging.

Public Charging. Know where to charge your EV when you are on the go. Check out PlugShare.com and the PlugShare app for a map of residential, public and fast charging stations near you, many of which could be free. The Plug In BC website will also provide at home charging solutions and incentives available in your area.

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Check your electric utility rates. Some utilities offer time-of-use rates, which lower the costs of electricity during off-peak hours. This plan can offer consumers additional savings when charging an EV overnight. (In some jurisdictions, the rate is free!) Contact your utility company and ask for plans optimized for EV owners.

Incentives. Buying an EV can qualify for tax credits between $2,500 and $6,000 and can further lower the cost of buying an EV by thousands of dollars. Check out the guide on tax incentives for new and used vehicles, and at-home charging station installation. Some vehicles even qualify for access to the special High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.

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